Marbles and stones

Our experience in marble and natural stone processing allows us to select the raw material in the best way possible. Colour, structure and texture are carefully selected before quarrying to ensure the best results in the finished product.

Natural stones are flame-retardant, hygienic, non-toxic and biocompatible, since they are present in the natural state. Their durability is hardly matched by other materials.

The materials presented here are just an example. We can work any type of marble or stone according to the customer's choice.


Stones can be divided, by chemical composition, into two major categories:

Limestones: marbles, onyx, travertines and slates that are calcium-based rocks. Typically, marbles are a calcium carbonate CaCO3.

Siliceous: granites, porphyry, serifs, beole, quartzites and serpentines.

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